PLHIV and Ageing Community Survey – Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

Survey Background – The Australian Government is holding a Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. The Royal Commission will provide Australian people living with HIV (PLHIV), their partners, carers, family and friends, HIV service providers and Aged Care services with a rare opportunity to make clear to the Australian Government, the current and future Aged Care service needs of PLHIV in all Australian states and territories.

To advance this objective, Positive Life NSW and NAPWHA will write a submission to the Royal Commission. The submission will closely align with the Royal Commission’s Terms of Reference and provide qualitative and quantitative data on the following:

–   Whether Aged Care services meet the needs of Australian PLHIV (current and future) and whether the quality of services is acceptable, or needs to be improved?

–   Whether there are PLHIV who need Aged Care services, but are ineligible (system gaps, for example, PLHIV under age 65 years)?

–   If there is evidence of mistreatment, abuse or discrimination of PLHIV in the Aged Care service system and how the abuse, mistreatment or discrimination manifests?

–   How services would best be provided to PLHIV with neurocognitive disorders? and;

–   Preference about where PLHIV would like to receive Aged Care services (at home, in a residential Aged Care facility, in another type of facility/model of care) and why?

To provide PLHIV and others associated with the care of PLHIV with an opportunity to provide this advice, Positive Life has developed an anonymous online survey. The survey will target: PLHIV; the partners, carers, friends and family members of PLHIV; HIV service providers, and; Aged Care service providers. The survey has been peer-reviewed by individuals from each of the four target groups.

The issue of PLHIV and ageing has been discussed within the HIV sector for at least the last decade. Although there has been published international literature on the issue of HIV and ageing in European and American studies, the Royal Commission will be most interested in Australian research that clearly articulates the current and projected needs for Aged Care service over the next 10 to 20-years. Data from this survey will play an important role in providing this information.

Survey Distribution – To achieve feedback from all jurisdictions, we’re asking for your support to distribute the survey link to:

–   PLHIV and their partners, carers, and family members in your jurisdiction

–   HIV services providers (particularly clinicians, allied health and NGO HIV support workers etc.). You will know which service providers in your jurisdiction would be best qualified and more likely to provide information

–   Paper copies of the survey will also be available (upon request from Positive Life NSW)

Below is the link to the online survey for distribution. The link can be copied into an internet browser to access the survey.