Harry’s Huddle

This month’s Harry Huddle was AWESOME!!


A huge thank you to Mark “Feathers” Fowler who provided us with a fantastic afternoon and some of the best food I have had in a long time. Mark’s talent for entertaining was second to none and we all had a lovely afternoon at the Orchid Farm. I have never seen so many orchids in my life and had no idea there were so many different species. It was amazing and some of them smelt beautiful.

Besides the incredible food and company, Mark treated us to spectacular Mai Tai’s. We had some new people there and everyone got on really well. It was incredible to see everyone enjoying the sun, the afternoon and the space we have created to be together and support each other.

Harry Huddle isn’t a normal support/social/discussion group…. it is a group that cares about each other and besides discussing the challenges of living with Harry, it is incredible to be able to also celebrate the achievements we are having in our lives in spite of Harry.

I am very proud of all of us and of what we are achieving and doing with our lives and would like to thank everyone who is part of Harry Huddle for giving me, and hopefully others, a place where I belong and a place where living with, achieving in spite of and beating the consequences of Harry is normal and part of our shared lives.

Love and appreciation to you all.

Our next Harry Huddle will be at the Hale and I am yet to confirm a date but will let you all know as soon as possible.

Take care, stay well and keep on thriving!!!!


Robyn Adams