From Our Case Manager: Assist Australian Companies to Improve Products and Services for People with Disabilities

Farron Research is proud to announce the launch of its Disability Market Research Panel which will provide companies with the means to understand the requirements/needs that people with disabilities have in terms of products and services within the Australian Market.

To date, access to these panels has been restrictive and Farron Research is looking to open the barriers so companies can perform more research using our disability panel and therefore developing products that identify with this market.

Farron is looking for companies that are in the disability arena to ask their members with a disability to register on our panel so they can participate in paid market research. All respondents that are selected to participate in research sessions will be paid a gratuity/incentive for their time and effort and this varies between $80-$150 for 60/90 minutes of their time.
Farron Research strictly adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles and all information provided to Farron will not be passed onto any third parties/researchers without the prior permission of the participants. Farron will also never sell any service or product to its panel members as Farron is bound by the Australian Market and Social Research Society Code of Professional behaviour. Farron is purely trying to meet the needs of large corporations that want to hear from people with a disability to get their opinion on their products and services. One of the biggest areas where we need this help is with usability testing with Websites and apps.

Farron also tries to carry the research out at a location that is convenient to the members on this Disability panel as we understand transport may be an issue.

For more information on Farron Research, please go to and you can register at: