June 2019

HIV Long Term Survivors Day

From the NAPWHA Facebook page:

June 5th is HIV Long Term Survivors Day and we commemorate and celebrate the lives, bravery and advocacy of those who paved the way for every facet of the HIV response.

“To all long term survivors out there today we are acknowledging the major ups and downs you have been through on your journey to stay alive, and with as much quality of life as possible. You are respected within the HIV community and beyond for the challenges you have faced, including the grief and loss that has been so much a part of our lives in the past. Stay strong and support each other. We are each other’s heroes.” – David Menadue

The Forgotten Generation?

Modern advancements such as U=U have redefined what it means to live with HIV. But, as Ross Duffin reports, for the long-term survivors the lived reality is not so rosy. Read More:

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